More Tea, Vicar? A RefLab-Podcast.

More Tea, Vicar? A RefLab-Podcast.

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This podcast isn't about tea but rather about the people in the arguably biggest tea-drinking nation in the world. Carla Maurer, vicar of the Swiss Church in London (@swisschurchvicar @swisschurchlondon) and London-based Laurin Reding will take you to their most personal and special places in the British metropolis. Emotional, funny, surprising and fascinating stories await you at each stop and the two will talk about their lives as foreigners in the buzzing heart of the biggest city on the island.

Have you ever thought of a question that you didn't dare asking a woman of God? This is your chance. Carla will answer your questions honestly and with wit. And of course, there is something for the ear as well. Organist Peter Yardley-Jones (@pyjones) will play us out on the beautiful Swiss built Späth organ that has found its home in the Swiss Church in Covent Garden.

This is a podcast for London lovers, anglophiles, critical believers and agnostic Christians. Mixed and edited by Julian Simmons (@julianpaulsimmons) at DIN vicarage studio.


Der Podcast More Tea, Vicar? wird von Laurin Reding moderiert. Laurin stellt Carla Maurer eure Fragen, die ihr schon immer mal einer Pfarrerin stellen wolltet, aber euch noch nie so richtig getraut habt, und Carla wird diese aufrichtig beantworten. Der Podcast gibt auch Einblicke in das Leben der Schweizer Kirche in Covent Garden, die sich in einem hoch säkularisierten Umfeld immer wieder neu behaupten muss, und wie es sich in der britischen Grossstadt leben lässt. Organist Peter Yardley-Jones @pyjones ergänzt den Podcast mit Klängen einer Schweizer Späth Orgel, die in London ihre Heimat gefunden hat.

by Carla Maurer & Laurin Reding


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